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immij.™ overview

Immij Solutions Ltd provides a fully integrated RFID management solution which is both flexible and globally accessible. The services that are provided include:

  • Fully manage card production and management
  • Member verification services
  • Member event attendance registration services
  • Member CPD services
  • Member voting services

immij.™ management

Immij provides a fully managed solution, allowing our clients to focus on the effective use of the data generated through the use of the system. We provide expert support directly to your members to enable them to register and receive their cards effectively with secure payment options which may include revenue generation for your professional body.


  • Off site card production and web based registration process
  • Managed distribution
  • No infrastructure costs
  • Low cost solution with maximum value that can be used as a revenue generator
  • Consistent information recording

immij.™ verification

Knowing that your members are able to capitalise on their membership by utilising the partnerships and benefits that are provided to them by being members, the down side is if these members are abusing these facilities. This is something that reduces the benefits to active members. In addition, some of these partnerships may not be providing the desired services to the member or may need to be increased as your membership body is stretching it… All this information would be evaluated real time through the statistics provided through the immij management solutions and allows your valid members to utilise the services with minimal additional identification requests.


  • Allow your members status to be verified by any authorised immij.™ point
  • Define your own rules for validation
  • Review trends and services utilised by your members offered through 3rd parties

immij.™ registration

Having additional resources when managing an event is normally difficult at the best of time, and having a clear picture of who attended the event normally requires additional administration, with the immij. registration service these issues are reduced dramatically. All that is required is your members to scan their cards on entry and this data is immediately available to be utilised. Their membership cards then replace name cards for each person thus allowing you to do your bit for the environment.


  • Application Programming Interfaces are used to defined and develop integrations with the immij.™ management system thus ensuring that existing systems do not need replacing.
  • immij.™  works directly with the system developers ensuring partners gain a robust and effective integration between solutions.
  • Existing smart card solutions may be retained!

immij.™ continued professional development

The pain of most professional bodies and their members this valuable compliance requirement is normally completed by members online shortly before the required deadline. This would possibly only be the data that is required to meet the compliance standards and therefore does not give a full view of someone’s development and activity related to professional development. With the immij. solution in place, members would see a list of their attendance and which qualify for CPD, this allowing them to only add commentary to these activities rather than reserving vast amounts of time to capture common information.


  • Direct recording of CPD activities, not just the minimum required to retain compliance.
  • Ease of use for members with reduced administration
  • Details captured directly when attending, thus ensuring actual attendance

immij.™ voting

Our latest development, please contact us for a comprehensive demo of our voting system.

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